Too old

19 12 2008

This is terrible everyone looks older than my mom


The real feeling of being on a credit crunch

15 09 2008

Today started with a shock news of Lehman Bros filing for bankruptcy protection and Merril Lynch being sold to bank of America.

It was also shocking because I once applied for a developer role at Lehman Bros. The interview was a total disaster and I failed to get a job on investment banks in the end but my life still is working out fine.

That was also the time I took more attention to the world finances and I couldn’t really understand how they could produce so much money from imaginary “product” and where all that money was coming from…

The introducion became too long as I got writing, but what I felt today was the real impact of inflation.

I went to macdonalds to get an unhealthy dinner (because I felt like it) thinking a big m*c meal will set me back £3.29 as I was charged (probably) last month.

I was in utter shock to find that the medium big m*c meal now costs £3.80!!!

I am still in a shock.


3 09 2008

Korea military fund may back Lehman bid in a joint bid with Korea Development Bank.

레이멘 요새 잘나가는것도 아닌데,

거기다 조선일보는 HSBC도 비딩한다고 사기치고,

마 내가 멀 알고 이렇게 지껄이는것은 아니지만 =_=;


2 09 2008


한국에 있는돈 다 빼야되지 않을까?

머 파운드도 무너진다고 하지만…


1 09 2008

짜장면과 탕수육이 먹고싶구나…

곱창도 먹고 싶구나…

갈비도 먹고싶구나…

회도 먹고싶구나…

Box hill

26 08 2008

어제는 공휴일.
오토바이 친구와 함께 각자 오토바이를 타고 box hill 까지 다녀왔다.
왕복거리 50마일.
최고속도 55mph (바람때매 더는 안나오더라 =_=;;;)




맨 끝에 Ryka’s (지금까지 Rykers 인줄 알았다) 라는 오토바이 많이 모이는 카페가 있더라만, 왜 그렇게 모여대는지 이해는 별로 안가더라…

오랜만에 메신져를 켜보니

26 08 2008

메신져도 스팸 날라오는구나…

그것도 참 지능적으로… AI라도 달린건가? 아님 혼자 나불대는건가?